TX-X4-50 is a fuel-powered hybrid multi-rotor UAV platform equipped with a 340cc water-cooled engine and a power generation of 15kw, which can realize long-distance flight of the UAV with large load capacity. It is smart and convenient, easy to operate, and has industrial-grade water absorption and waterproof capabilities. Dual antennas provide high-precision positioning and strong anti-interference ability. It can be equipped with 50kg of effective drugs and can fly for up to 20 minutes with a full load. It can evaluate overhead wiring, fire protection, logistics, transportation and other fields.

Technical Parameter

Size(Length*Width*Height) 2546*2546*822(mm)
Wheel base 2120mm
Self-weight 50kg
Power generation 15kw
Engine displacemnet 340cc
Type of fuel 95#petrol
Cooling ethod Water coolness
Spare battery 12000mAh,18s,400A
Max takeoff weight 110kg
Propeller Four axes 56 inches
Hovering accuracy Verticle﹕±0.5m(GPS locates normally when working) Horizontal﹕ ±1.5m(GPS locates normally when working)
Max flying speed ≤15m/s
Maximum withstand wind speed 6m/s