The X4-50 is a versatile heavy multi-rotor UAV platform that can carry a 50kg payload and fly for up to 20 minutes fully loaded. The dual GPS differential design not only improves the positioning accuracy, but also enhances the anti-interference ability and greatly improves the flight reliability. In the field of fire protection, the X4-50 can quickly respond to fire scenes, greatly improving the efficiency of disaster response, and in the field of logistics, it can efficiently transport large quantities of goods, reduce logistics costs, and provide new possibilities for commercial operations.

Technical Parameter

Size(Length*Width*Height) 2546*2546*822(mm)
Max takeoff weight 116kg
Max mission load 50kg
Propeller 56inch
No-load energy durance 60min
Full-load hovering time 20min
Take-off and Landing Mode Automatic/Manunal
Max flying speed 12m/s
Cruising speed 6m/s
Max wind resistance Level 7
Task payload Pod, loudspeaker, lighting, fire spray gun, throwing etc
Control radius ≤10km
No. of axles 4
Moorage Supportive
Battery 19S (72000mah)