X4-20 firefighting UAV is specially designed for forest fire fighting scenes, with efficient fire fighting, automatic obstacle avoidance, accurate locking of fire source, fire extinguishing bomb, effectively solve forest fires. It can be equipped with efficient fire extinguishing bomb system, fire extinguishing monitoring pod, LED strong light, and loudspeaker to improve the efficiency of high-altitude combat rescue.

Technical Parameter

Size(Length*Width*Height) 1450*1450*751(mm)
Max takeoff weight 40kg
Rated task load 23kg
Propeller 34inch
No-load energy durance 60min
Full-load hovering time 20min
Control model Fully automatic/Semi-automatic
Max flying speed 12m/s
Cruising speed 6m/s
Max wind resistance Level 7
Task mounting Pod, fire bomb, loudspeaker, lighting, reservation equipment, etc
Control radius ≤10km
No. of axles 4
Battery 14S (48000mah)