The X4-10 UAV is ideal for use in combat conflicts. In harsh terrain conditions such as platitudes and mountains, the combat efficiency of the X4-10 UAV is excellent. Compared with traditional military helicopters, the aircraft is not limited by climate or terrain, and has a higher attendance rate and lower failure rate, while having a lower attendance cost. Able to carry on important missions such as reconnaissance and material transport. It can transmit clear reconnaissance pictures, improve reconnaissance efficiency, and reduce unnecessary sacrifices and reconnaissance costs.

Technical Parameter

Size(Length*Width*Height) 1068*1068*535(mm)
Max takeoff weight 22kg
Rated task load 10kg
Propeller 24inch
No-load energy durance 60min(Mounting pod)
Control model Fully automatic/Semi-automatic
Max flying speed 12m/s
Max wind resistance Level 7
Task mounting Pod, throwing, shouting, lighting, can carry reserved equipment
Control radius ≤30km
No. of axles 4
Battery 12S