The X4-50 is a versatile heavy multi-rotor UAV platform that can carry a 50kg payload and fly for up to 20 minutes fully loaded. The dual GPS differential design not only improves the positioning accuracy, but also enhances the anti-interference ability and greatly improves the flight reliability. In the field of fire protection, the X4-50 can quickly respond to fire scenes, greatly improving the efficiency of disaster response, and in the field of logistics, it can efficiently transport large quantities of goods, reduce logistics costs, and provide new possibilities for commercial operations.

Technical Parameter

尺寸(长*宽*高) 2546*2546*822(毫米)
最大起飞重量 116千克
最大任务载荷 50千克
螺旋桨r 56英寸
空载续航 60分钟
满载悬停时间 20分钟
起降模式 自动/手动
最大飞行速度 12米/秒
巡航速度 6米/秒
最大抗风 7级
任务有效载荷 吊舱、喊话器、照明、消防喷枪、抛投等
控制半径 ≤10千米
轴数 4
系留 支持
动力电池 19S (72000mah)